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That Junior Miss Spirit

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That Junior Miss Spirit

Published 1970

Shows contestants, contests and judging of America's Junior Miss Pageant.

03:01:01:26 VS Pan down blooming cherry tree to CU young woman looking at branch then runs away; music enters on audio track; POV shot looks up tree while on swinging on swing hanging from tree.

03:01:50:21 Young couple in matching outfits of white shirt and dark pants running through country holding hands.

03:02:27:05 VS 1960s high-school students at carnival in the country.

03:03:12:23 VS three high school girls in uniform, one with broken leg and cast; one girls writes on other’s cast; CU girls writing on cast with date 1970 on it.

03:03:19:07 Zoom out from out of focus yellow flower to LS to girl flying kite in meadow; VS two girls in late 1960s to 1970s style clothing.

03:03:41:06 CU Girls 1960s to 1970s round sunglasses; reflected in sunglasses in girl in red shirt and white skirt flying a kite in a meadow.

03:04:01:26 CU woman’s right hand on piano keyboard plays melody; VS teenage girl plays piano.

03:04:21:06 VS High school marching band and color guard practicing in field.

03:05:11:22 Five teenage girls in matching red dress seated around table with two loaves of bread; banner hangs off side of table reads “Future Homemaker.” Audience of teenage women watches on.

03:05:16:19 Zoom in CU teenage girl with long straight hair plays flute.

03:05:21:15 VS high school male and female chorus in matching outfits performing hilarious 60s song with poorly choreographer arm gestures. Lyrics include “Tell it like it is, tell me like it is…Moving to the rhythm”

03:05:53:01 VS awkward teenage couples dressed up on prom night in family home before dance. Nerdy boy in glasses hands girl a rose. Father and mother take pictures.

03:06:15:09 VS 1970 high school senior prom; couples slow dancing.

03:06:39:07 VS inside high school French classroom with female teacher seated on top of her desk with books open and French and American flags on her desk. Both teacher and student speak horrible French with awful American accents.

03:06:58:17 Camera zooms in on teenage girl in 1970s outfit standing in front of large map of France presenting to her class. CU girls hand points out places on map.

03:07:44:14 Pan across row of girls looking through their cameras taking pictures.

03:08:16:20 Large group of teenage girls in 1970 Junior Miss pageant sit on staircase drinking coca-cola in glass bottles.

03:08:30:06 CU brunette teenage girl with bangs has very serious look; camera pans down to portrait drawn of her from her pose.

03:09:18:01 Four teenage girls in matching outfits rehearse choreographed barber shop quartet dance routine in dressing room.

03:09:24:06 VS girl in black leotard seated cross-legged in meditation pose performs for audience of other girls; CU girl recites lines dramatically “When love beckons unto you, follow him. Though his ways be hard and steep. For even as love crowns you, so shall he crucify you. Love give not but itself, and takes not but from itself. Love possesses not, though it be possessed. For love is sufficient unto love.”

03:10:17:08 VS from 1970 Junior Miss pageant; pageant judges in row; pageant audience; ballerina on stage does quick twirl; girl paints on stage; baton twirler; dramatic acting; singer; dancers; Broadway song and dance number.

03:10:34:24 MS reflection in mirror of teenage girl in white dress; camera zooms out to show actual mirror and pageant interviewers seated with notebooks and pencils taking notes in interview.

03:11:17:07 1970 Jr. Miss contestant in white formal dresses dance on stage wearing their county sashes.

03:11:24:03 1970 Junior Miss Audience applauds.

03:11:27:05 VS pan across teenage girls performing patriotic line dance routine wearing red skirts and white shirts and each carrying an American flag.

03:11:42:20 LS pan over 1970 Jr. Miss contestants lined up on stage waiting for winner to be announced; VS Jr. Miss contestants on stage having names announced and acting surprised; VS winner announced and crowned 1970 Junior Miss.

03:13:13:19 Airplane lands in Washington D.C. at Washington National airport with Washington Monument in background.

03:13:23:02 United Airlines plane taxiing on runway; VS Junior Miss contestants disembarking plane and having their state sashes of Georgia and Alabama pinned on them.

03:14:07:18 Lincoln memorial filmed from moving car; white house.

03:14:13:00 CU tulips, pan up to 1970 Junior Miss contestants in state sashes for Florida, Hawaii, South Carolina, Arkansas, with Lincoln Memorial and Washington Monument in background.

03:14:26:14 VS 1970 Jr. Miss contestant wearing state sashes having lunch with their state senators and congressmen.

03:14:43:00 CU teenage girl raises camera over face and takes flash photograph.

03:15:15:14 VS inside airplane filled with teenage girls wearing sashes with their state names.

03:15:36:05 CU mirror in girl hand with reflection of herself in mirror smiling.

03:16:39:23 “Welcome Jr. Misses” sign lights up in fire work display.

03:18:21:17 VS teenage girls rehearsing choreographed dance number on stage.

03:19:20:17 VS teenage pageant contestants in white dresses do choreographed dance with hula-hoop decorated ornately in lace on stage; pageant contestants do dance with umbrellas; pageant contestants dance with bamboo poles.

03:20:32:06 Zoom in on pageant audience applauding.

03:21:11:04 Lights, camera, action sequence: CU stage lights, CU low-angle television cameraman behind camera; VS 1970 Jr. Miss pageant contestants do dance number on stage; VS announcing winners of pageant and audience applause.

03:22:52:17 Reaction of Jr. Miss Arizona when declared winner of pageant; teenage girl is crowned; VS audience applauding.

03:24:28:10 Strange blurred shot except for focused circle in center with alternating Jr. Miss contestant wearing state sashes in focal point.

Producer GM Photographic
Sponsor America's Junior Miss Pageant
Audio/Visual sound, color


Reviewer: Spuzz - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - November 20, 2012
Subject: Yes, you too can be like Diane Sawyer!

At the beginning of 'That Junior Miss Spirit", a girl chirps of how there's peer pressure to follow the group, and how that interferes with their originality. Well, if that's your problem, then why are you getting into a beauty pageant? Yes, The Junior Miss Pageant (which is still going, just well, not as prominent) is focused here. From state competitions to the final show itself! We follow the girls as they're paraded on a cart in high school, to the finals, where they step off a plane to the arm of a waiting soldier! While they're getting ready, there's also time for leisure, like going down a mighty scary tram ride, or scary photo ops at Lover's leap. They're also getting advice from Diane Sawyer (Junior Miss Spirit 1963)! Strangely, there's not much of the actual competition shown here, and I am not going to spoil the results for you (as if you were wondering who the Junior Miss Spirit was for 1970). Fun, and highly reccomended!
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